Vitaly Braslavsky

A strong believer that computers should do all of the routine work and help people in every possible way, so he advocates automation in all aspects of his work.

His passions in both his professional and personal life are functional programming and programming languages and how combining them can produce dramatically better results when solving complex problems.

He is currently working with the team on the Grammarly Office Add-in to improve its overall architecture and adaptability to the rapidly changing requirements while staying productive and maintaining the correctness of the solutions.

Building a deployment system for standalone applications (UA)

Changing flawed code on a server can be challenging, but there are plenty of well-known instruments and approaches to help tackle it. The situation is a bit different when one has several different versions of a standalone application installed on millions of workstations. In this talk, we'll explore how using the expressiveness of F# combined with creating our own DSL helped build the Grammarly Office Add-in version management system that allowed precise control over update delivery.